Impasto paint and sgraffito technique

A friend has recently brought me a bag of ash from her wood-burning stove, so perhaps it is time to have another go at this thickly textured work introduced to me by Anna Poulton and Stuart Whitehead at Sleningford. Paint is thickened with sieved ash, applied with a palette knife and scraped back to reveal the under painting, a technique known as sgraffito. I enjoyed doing this Vase Anemones and Sweet Peas.

Collage (2)

I did follow up the course led by Ed Kluz at Sleningford by producing am image of a visit to one of the Summer Isles. I worked from a photograph I’d taken to design this, using papers produced in the workshop and from recycled prints.

Illustrated Talk Wednesday July 3rd 7.30 New Earswick Folk Hall

Just One Street: North Parade at the Start of Two Centuries is the subject of an illustrated talk for York’s Family History Society this week. It will look at research into the street’s origins and its first occupants, and consider the huge differences between their lives and residents interviewed in 2010.

York Authors

Despite two books, I’m not sure I’ve earned the title Author yet, but York Authors a newly formed group have let me join them! To discover who they are and what they write visit

Mark Hearld Exhibition Yorkshire Museum

My granddaughters enjoyed seeing the exhibiton of Mark Hearld’s pictures from a First book of Nature. The Museum had put on an activity session which let children closely observe stuffed animals and choose from a generous selection of beautiful papers to make their own animal collage. Ella did a duck and a hedgehog. Lucy and I between us came up with a Fantastic Mr Fox.
Fantastic Mr Fox